We manufacture most of our mulches from recycled, clean wood waste like branches, logs, untreated pallets, and more.  When we add color to various mulches, the colorant is a non-toxic, biodegradable colorant that is not harmful to plants, animals, or the environment.

Please note:  We highly recommend you come in the store to see our products in person.  While these pictures will be close, there may be a difference in size and in color representation due to lighting, computer settings, camera settings, etc.  Rock can also have some color changes depending on when the rock was mined from the quarry.  Prices subject to change without notice.


Aspen Gold Pallet

$35.00/ CY

Buffalo Brown Coarse

$35.00 / CY

Buffalo Brown Fine

$36.50 / CY

Caribou Brown Coarse

$35.00 / CY

Caribou Brown Fine

$36.50 / CY


Cascade Cedar

$99.00 / CY aka “Gorilla Hair” (Color can naturally vary between dark brown and light brown)

Cherry Red Coarse

$35.00 / CY

Cherry Red Fine

$36.50 / CY

Chocolate Swirl Coarse

$36.00 / CY

Chocolate Swirl Fine

$37.50/ CY

Mammoth Mulch

$74.00 / CY


Natural Mulches

Animal Bedding

$9.00 / CY

Natural Coarse Tree

$15.75 / CY

Natural Fine Tree

$20.00 / CY

Natural Screened Fine Tree

$24.00 / CY

Pallet and Tree

$25.00 / CY

Recycled Coarse Pallet

$22.00 / CY

Rocky Top Cedar

$30.00 / CY

Rocky Top Humus

$21.75 / CY

Rocky Top Humus Dark

$24.50 / CY

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PlaySource by Rocky Top (Ipema Certificates)

$34.00 / CY (Installation Instructions)

Playground (Ipema Certificates)

$45.00 / CY 

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