Our Services

In addition to our great products, we offer several services to help you and the community:

-Delivery of landscape materials

-Recycling of your yard waste

-A community Saturday Residential Program(NEW FEES-SEE BELOW for Saturday/Care and Share changes)

-Mobile Grinding and Land Clearing


We offer delivery service to the Pikes Peak region and other places.  We have a variety of truck sizes to deliver the amount you need as well as access to tighter streets in some cases.  Call for availability and pricing.  Per the rules of the City of Colorado Springs, loads cannot be dumped on City streets without a street permit for safety reasons.  The permit needed from the City is called a “Traffic Control Permit” — please click here to apply with the City for a Traffic Control Permit and to see the City’s current price for the permit if you’d like a delivery on the street.


Dumping Prices

We recycle and manufacture nearly all of our own mulch from recycled, clean wood waste. This allows us to offer quality mulches at competitive prices.  Since we recycle the clean wood waste into mulches and soil amendments, we cannot take any wood that has been stained, treated, or painted, due to the chemicals in them.  While we do color our mulch, we use a non-toxic, biodegradable colorant that is not harmful to plants, animals, or the environment.  See link above for dumping prices.

Yard Waste Accepted for Recycling/Drop Off:

  • Branches
  • Junipers/fitzers/cedar
  • Sod
  • Grass
  • Fencing (not stained, painted, or treated)
  • Pine Needles
  • Leaves
  • Topsoil
  • Fill Dirt or Rock (4″ or less)
  • Old Mulch
  • Pallets
  • Cut-offs
  • Christmas Trees

Yard Waste Not Accepted

  • Anything that has been painted, stained, or treated
  • Plywood, OSB, Pressboard, etc.
  • Timbers, railroad ties
  • Loads with any amount of trash.  Due to the amount of trash coming in with loads, this is a very strict, no tolerance rule.  No sorting will be allowed when dumping; please sort and remove any trash prior to coming.

There is a fee Monday-Friday for recycling (see link above for dumping prices).  Most loads will have a cubic yard rate, and some loads are a flat rate to drop off.  However, on Saturdays residents can drop off most yard waste (not including pine needles, dirt, rock, stumps, junipers/fitzers/cedar, roots, old mulch, or loads with dirt) at a reduced rate.  Pine Needles, dirt, rock, stumps, junipers/fitzers/cedar, roots, old mulch, or loads with dirt are charged at normal pricing. This is for residents only and does not apply to contractors.

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Saturday/Care and Share Program Updates for 2023


Rocky Top Resources has partnered with El Paso County since 2001  to provide free residential yard waste collections on Saturdays with donations to Care and Share.    This program collected food donations for Care and Share resulting in over 3.2 million pounds of food being collected.

Due to rising costs and expanded use of the program, both Rocky Top and El Paso County can no longer provide the financial support  needed to sustain this program for free with donations.   Starting January 1, 2020, Rocky Top will continue to accept  residential yard waste on Saturdays at a discounted rate.  The current discounted rate is $10 per load (effective March 1, 2023, posted 12/14/2022) that goes to Rocky Top (contractors still pay normal pricing).  However, pine needles, dirt, rock, mulch, stumps, junipers/fitzers/cedar, roots, or loads with dirt are charged at normal pricing.

Rocky Top will no longer collect canned food donations for Care and Share.   However, cash or check donations to Care and Share  are still encouraged but not required.

Please contact Rocky Top Resources 719-579-9103 or El Paso County at 719-520-7878 for more information.


In addition to our location, you can also drop off slash in Black Forest at SAMCOM on the corner of Herring and Shoup. Please check out the SAMCOM website for additional information and hours of operation.

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Mobile Grinding & Land Clearing

We also have a mobile grinding unit and can offer land clearing as well. We have the capability to process large quantities of material in a short amount of time.  This is not recommended for homeowners.

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